Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction


Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction

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Road Construction Contract

Road construction is all about creating an unbroken passage of appropriate materials that don’t have any geographic obstacles for effective vehicle or foot travel.
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Building Construction

ARAM Constructions is a construction company in Tamilnadu that has executed constructionwork for some of the most significant port projects in the State. 
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Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is the construction of premises used for manufacturing, such as processing plants and factories. It pays close attention to the structural integrity of…
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Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction


• To educate the staff on the value of maintenance, and proper functioning of sites.
• To hire qualified staff or contractors to perform tasks.
• To ensure that the maintenance staff has proper Operation and Maintenance manuals.
• To ensure availability of recommended spare parts in the warehouse.
• To provide training to the maintenance staff.
• Maintenance checklist will be made & filled for every PM.
• All O&M related data will be maintained & made available at any time for analyzing
• To ensure that all technicians are well equipped with proper tools, mobile & bikes
• Procure sufficient quantity of service material, spares for emergency breakdown
• An up-to-date set of "as built" drawings should at sites as well as with Technicians as it is important for both effective operations and maintenance as well as for diagnosing any problems that may arise in the future.

Maintenance of electrical equipments in cell sites, scope broadly covers below mentioned telecom infrastructure:
• Diesel generator engine
• Power plant
• PMU (power management unit)
• Fire alarm system
• Battery bank
• Integrated panel
• Air conditioner units
• Shelters , Earth Pits & Other Electrical Equipments
• Servo stabilizers
• Cables
• Lighting arrester
• Ac/Dc power supplies
• Mobile DG services

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Cell Site Alarm Rectification

To fulfill the work scope of O&M, we follow up for alarms providing breakdown maintenance by tracking them to avoid site outages & link failure, as discussed below::
• Battery low voltage
• Low fuel
• DG fail
• DG on load
• DG temp high:
• DG belt break
• PAC alarm
• Fire alarm
• Door open alarm
• Smoke alarm

Outage Analysis

Detailed outage analysis to be carried out on daily basis as per the specified format:
1. Sr. No
2. Date Site Identification
3. Location
4. No of Operators
5. Outage start time
6. Outage end time
7. Duration (In Minutes)
8. Reason of Outage
9. Action Taken
10. Who's Responsible ( Resource Name)
11. Field Report
12. Remarks

Important Factors in O&M Project
• Responsibility
• Professional Teams
• Vehicles suitable with terrain
• Tools , Devices and their Calibration
• 24/7 Help Desk
• Documentation
• Reporting to customer
• GPS devices in all vehicles

Health and Safety

We always take Occupational Health and Safety on priority basis at all levels. All our employees whether fresher or experienced are strictly trained on OHS policy and its implementation procedures. We ensure following activities for strict adherence of OHS/EHS.
• Compulsory training on OHS/EHS during company Inductions.
• Full knowledge imparted on use of OHS/EHS tools and equipments.
• Full action plan on Emergency
Plans/Actions to be taken at Site/Work as per the situation.
• Practical Trainings on Personnel
Protective Equipments, its implementation and Use.
• Full Day sessions on Environmental Protections and methods for same.
• Regular Audits on site during WIP (Work In Progress) to check on use of PPE.
• Regular OHS audits to check the adherence of OHS rules and regulations.
• Proper Documentations of all Hazards, Audits, CA-PA, Accidents, Incidents to monitor the
issues and action plan for same

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