Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction


Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction

High Quality Construction Solutions For Residentials & Industries!

Road Construction Contract

Road construction is all about creating an unbroken passage of appropriate materials that don’t have any geographic obstacles for effective vehicle or foot travel.
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Building Construction

ARAM Constructions is a construction company in Tamilnadu that has executed constructionwork for some of the most significant port projects in the State. 
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Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is the construction of premises used for manufacturing, such as processing plants and factories. It pays close attention to the structural integrity of…
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Leading The Way In Building And Civil Construction


Aram Constructions team consists of experienced, innovative, highly motivated and quality conscious professionals. We provide:
1. Turnkey solution for telecommunication network, starting from civil survey to completion of site.
2. Erection & development of telecommunication towers, poles with all allied civil & electrical works.
Work scope includes: The site planning includes site surveys & detailed construction planning of equipment including detailed drawings. We ensure that the construction & installation documents are in accordance with customer specification. We prepare site folders for the clients consisting of the site specific document in order to assist construction and installation groups to execute the work. We carry out soil test, layout, structural & detailed design of work. Designs are prepared by qualified designers who are either engineer or professionals.

Infrastructure Development:
We execute infrastructure activities which includes Site preparation, arrangement of Temporary Power, Water etc. and Civil & Electrical works including foundation for towers, Shelters foundation, DG foundation, Tower Erection and Painting, Cable entry glands, Earthing system development for site, internal & external trays, indoor & outdoor electrical works, supply & Installation of Antenna mounting support. Vendor management: We follow up with suppliers which come under our direct scope as well as suppliers of customer i.e. Supply of infrastructure items like DG sets, shelters, air conditioners, power plants, batteries, stabilizer with transformer, tower, civil & electrical materials.

Acceptance testing certification: Finally we obtain municipality approval. We undertake execution as well as coordination of infrastructure acceptance testing (AT) till receiving AT certificate from telecom service providers.

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